50th Anniversary


Hearts of Gold Campaign

Did you know that Gilead turns 50 this year?  What an amazing journey it has been!  We are excited to announce our plans to celebrate Gilead’s 50 years of compassionate and high quality services that have changed many lives!

During this special anniversary year, we would like to challenge you to become a Heart of Gold Donor by contributing $500 in 2018, through either a one-time gift of multiple gifts throughout the year.  When you become a Heart of Gold member, you will receive special recognition throughout the year at all of our events!


Founded in 1968, Gilead was created by two Wesleyan undergraduate students who were completing volunteer work at Connecticut Valley Hospital (CVH).  What these students discovered was that many people who had been discharged from the hospital soon returned to the hospital because of the overwhelming odds that they faced  within the community:  no income, no stable living situation, no employment and no social support systems.  Quite often, there were no family or friends to assist them and it wouldn’t take long before they returned to the only place that they knew would accept them: the hospital.  This often created a painful cycle of admissions and discharges.  Meanwhile their self-esteem, motivation and hope were failing.  These two innovative students turned to Connecticut Valley Hospital and to other area health officials for guidance and they approached Wesleyan for a suitable facility. The University agreed to rent a large home (what today is “Gilead I”) located close to campus so that students could live there and participate fully while still carrying a normal academic course load. A broadly representative board of directors was formed and the organization was incorporated with non-profit, tax-exempt status. This grass-roots response was formed with the primary purpose of providing a “home” in the community individuals in need.  As a result, Gilead was born!


We are thrilled to have the opportunity in 2018 to celebrate 50 YEARS of life changing services and supports that were produced from the community oriented recovery philosophy and the ideals of hope, compassion and dignity that our founders believed in!  So, how are we planning to celebrate?

All of our events in 2018 will have a special 50th anniversary feature.   There will be special opportunities to celebrate our 50th anniversary together through each of these unique and exciting events, starting with the Run For Every 1 Road Race on April 8th and continuing with Leave a Legacy, Matching Campaign, Quizine for a Cause, & Annual Appeal.

We are proud to have achieved the goals that were outlined in an early 1970 Gilead brochure to have Gilead become an agency that is “well-known and well respected and a well-supported addition to the community.”  And, we are so thankful for the amazing community of supporters that consistently stand by Gilead to make sure that the services we provide are available now and for years to come.