Administrative Leadership Team


The Administrative Leadership Team offers a wealth of expertise and commitment to Gilead’s mission with many members having been with Gilead for over 10 years. A real sense of stability, family, and teamwork is created for both clients and staff.

You may contact any member of Gilead’s administrative leadership team via phone or email on our may Contact Us page.

Dan Osborne

Dan is proud to be a living example of Gilead’s broad opportunities for advancement. He began his 13-year career at Gilead as a “per diem” employee, was then promoted to a variety of clinical and administrative roles, and recently took on the role of Chief Executive Officer in December 2013.

Dan is passionate about serving the needs of individuals with severe psychiatric disabilities. He has committed his career to making sure that their voices are heard, and that they are empowered to reach for their dreams. Dan has experienced firsthand the powerful process by which Gilead adds value to both the individuals who are receiving services and to those who live and work within the communities where Gilead operates. Social justice, compassion and quality care are important values that Dan stresses to all Gilead employees. He continues to fight for these values despite the daily challenges.

Throughout his career, Dan has also remained active at his local church and has devoted his time to the middle school youth program. For Dan, faith and human services go hand in hand. Spending family time with his wife and two daughters, playing with Sadie (his 13 year old dog), keeping up with the local sports teams, participating in local road races, and an occasional search for a rare football card are what gives Dan joy outside of Gilead.

Dianna Kulmacz

Dianna joined Gilead’s Executive Team as the Chief Financial Officer in August of 2015. She made a conscious decision to move to the nonprofit sector because she enjoys the fact that her number crunching skills actually add tremendous value, ultimately helping to change lives.

She is inspired by trying to do her best every day and setting an example for her coworkers and her children. Her three children are what life is about; taking them to baseball, dance, and gymnastics and just hanging out. While she is excited about her role as Gilead’s CFO, she admits that “Mommy” is the best title she has ever had.

Kathleen Deschenes

Kathleen joined the Gilead team in 2016 as the organization’s Chief Operating Officer. She has worked with the homeless, mentally ill and substance using populations in the nonprofit sector since 1986. She received her Masters of Social Work degree from New York University and gained diverse experience working in Manhattan for 12 years in city shelters, on homeless outreach teams, SRO hotels, community residences, and psychiatric hospitals including Bellevue Hospital Center and Beth Israel Medical Center.

From 1998-2012, Kathleen was the Executive Director for Interlude Inc., a community-based mental health organization in Danbury, CT. She brought her leadership skills and clinical expertise to an agency that provided transitional housing and case management services to adults with mental illness and co-occurring disorders throughout the 11-town Greater Danbury area.

In 2012, Kathleen merged Interlude, Inc., into Ability Beyond. The Interlude programs are now part of the mental health services of this large, multifaceted human service organization serving CT and upstate NY. Following the merger, Kathleen became the Director of Quality Improvement & Independent and Transitional Programs. She had oversight of programs that served individuals with diagnoses of mental illness and substance use disorders, developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries.

Kathleen has advocated for housing, services and the rights for men and women with mental illness throughout her career.  She is passionate about promoting community awareness of the needs of this population and eliminating the stigma associated with mental illness.

Wendi Blakey

Wendi has been with Gilead Community Services since 1998. During these years she has worked as Rehabilitation Counselor, Program Manager of Social/Vocational Rehabilitation Center, Rehabilitation Specialist, Residential Assistant Director of Gilead I and Gilead II, Residential Program Director of Gilead I and Gilead II and now as a Department Director of Adult Residential Services overseeing the supervised apartment programs.

She has worked with clients and employees alike to ensure programs have grown stronger and reached their goals. Wendi practices “daehanmoodo”, a mixed martial art that has given her invaluable skills in listening, understanding and leading in her at Gilead.

When she is not providing transportation to soccer, baseball, karate and basketball for her three children, she can be found building fairy gardens in her back yard. She and her husband play on an intramural volleyball team. Wendi also has fun kayaking, watching movies, and going to concerts.

M. Jay Cummings

A native of Vernon, CT, M. Jay Cummings received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Butler University and Master of Social Work from University of Connecticut. Jay is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Clinical Supervisor with professional interests in Recovery from addiction and mental illness, housing policy, LGBTQ advocacy, nonprofit leadership, and quality service system delivery in Connecticut.

Jay is currently serving on the Board of Directors for CT Certification Board, where he chairs the Programs and Services Committee, and is Vice Chair of the Housing Commission for his hometown of Manchester.

Kimberly Earles

Although Kim began her tenure with Gilead in 1994 as an Administrative Assistant, her expertise and talents in information technology and construction management were soon realized and applied towards property development. As the Director of Facilities, Kim’s contributions throughout the growth and expansion of Gilead’s facilities have always been focused on improving quality of life for the individuals we serve. Kim aspires to provide vibrant, welcoming, and personalized settings for clients in over 17 program locations.

When at home, Kim and her husband walk the beautiful beaches on Connecticut’s shoreline. She looks forward to traveling on wildlife viewing excursions, being at home cooking, dining with family and friends, and planning her next adventure.


Linda Walsh

For over 30 years Linda has dedicated her professional life to helping people overcome adversity. Linda believes in recovery and that individuals with serious mental health issues can learn skills that enable them to live the life they choose.

Linda values the simple human connection because she feels that shared experiences are powerful ways to provide hope and strength. Her experience includes working in a state hospital, being as a case manager in one of the CT’s first community-based mental health programs and then helping that organization grow in response to the deinstitutionalization movement.

As the Director of Contracts and Licensing she ensures that Gilead meets its responsibility to provide a healthy, skilled, efficient organization. Nicknamed “Selkie” by her husband, Linda will spend hours in the water while at the beach. On Halloween Linda’s house gets turned into the “Tunnel of Terror”, a neighborhood classic that many fear to enter. She loves reading, biking, hiking, listening to live music, traveling with her family and using the fresh herbs from her garden to cook up a flavorful meal.

Joe Mascolo

Joe joined the Gilead team in 2005 as our Systems Administrator. He was promoted to the role of Director of Information Technology in 2007. In this role he set up the IT department, which is now comprised of a team of four.

Volunteering in high-energy fundraisers, seeing clients grow and flourish, and above all, working with wonderful people who care about what they do has made this one of Joe’s most rewarding positions.

Joe is passionate about camping, hanging out with good friends and playing video games. He briefly left Gilead in 2013 but returned because he “believes in Gilead’s mission and “missed being in an environment which allows employees and clients to thrive.” Joe’s infectious laugh, which can be heard from building to building, combined with his sense of humor and IT knowledge has allowed him to bring new and innovative technology to Gilead, making our agency a leader in service delivery and quality.

Lucy McMillan

Lucy joined the Gilead Team as the Director of Development and Public Education in 2005. Lucy had heard about Gilead for years from her father who was very committed to our mission to improve the lives of individuals living with mental illness.

Before earning her MPH from Columbia University, Lucy worked in the nonprofit sector as a mental health worker, a clinical case manager, the director of a family shelter and transitional living program and the director of marketing and community relations for a nonprofit affordable housing developer.

Lucy’s love of people, parties, dance and music came together when she produced and managed, Middnight on Main, a New Year’s Eve celebration for the city of Middletown in 2011 and 2012. Her personal involvement and commitment to community development efforts are demonstrated by her involvement on several nonprofit boards and her United States Peace Corps Volunteer work in Togo, West Africa.

Justin Salvio

Beginning at Gilead in 2002 as a Program Director Justin has enjoyed the opportunity to develop creative interventions, inspire staff, and help them grow to be effective and compassionate leaders and caregivers. With almost thirty years serving youth and adults in residential, outpatient, partial hospital, mental health and substance abuse treatment, Justin has a unique approach and deep commitment to recovery and well being that is grounded in fostering the individual’s innate ability for healing through facilitating a deeper sense of self and connection to others.

With a B.A. in Religious Studies from Yale University, his work at Gilead feels like a vocational direction with a slice of spirituality. Justin brings a wealth of healing experiences to his current position as Department Director of Youth and Residential Services, including an 18-month journey to Japan to study martial and healing arts, and becoming certified in Rubenfeld Synergy Method (an alternative healing modality that integrates touch and talk therapies).

Meaningful relationships are very important to Justin, which has led him to meet with a group of 7 male friends for the past 20 years to explore the depth of relationships and personal growth. Justin has a love of family, food, cooking, swimming, sailing, and acting. Before grilling vegetables seasoned from his garden, he and his dog Chloe can be seen walking at the nearby lake.

Rob Snyder

Rob came to Gilead in 1994 thinking he would gain some hands on experience and move on. He quickly realized he really wanted to stay because “Gilead is something special”. Starting as a Program Manager, Rob found his passion in analyzing the great work done on a daily basis at Gilead. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a love for technology, Rob brings a unique set of skills to his current position as Director of Quality Assurance. During his 21 year tenure Rob created a systematic infrastructure that allows Gilead to analyze the work we do, demonstrate our successes, and examine areas that need improvement.

Helping others to have a better life and navigate things they might not have the knowledge or skills to navigate on their own led him to nonprofit work. Rob is very proud to work at Gilead, which is demonstrated by his participation in all aspects of the work. He rarely misses a Gilead event, especially if chocolate is on the menu.

He enjoys spending time with his wife and two girls. They often go hiking, and kayaking, and are sure to make an annual camping trip to Acadia National Park, one of Rob’s favorite places. Protecting the environment is a priority for Rob, which led to his investment in solar panels for his home and an electric car for his family. Up for any challenge Rob has been seen sky diving, bungee jumping, driving a motorcycle across the United States and backpacking through Europe.

Ed Sokaitis

Ed has served as the Director of Human Resources of Gilead Community Services since February of 2011. He has over 10 years of Human Resources expertise at the Director level, and has worked in various corporate and nonprofit environments.

Ed earned his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Eastern Connecticut State University. Ed has personal as well as professional experience serving individuals with special needs. He is passionate about supporting and donating to local food pantries, and providing clothing and goods for individuals in need throughout the community.

Ed particularly enjoys his participation in the Health & Wellness initiative at Gilead, and actively participates in several sports in his spare time.

Kathy Townsend

Inspired by those who work in nonprofits, Kathy began volunteering when she was in high school at one of Michigan’s state mental health hospitals. She remained passionate about charitable work, taking the leap into the nonprofit sector when she joined Gilead in 2014 as the Director of Finance.

When she is not at Gilead balancing budgets, managing client accounts, and reviewing financials, Kathy is gardening or attending concerts, plays and art shows. Searching for beautiful handcrafted jewelry and ceramics is something that Kathy has always enjoyed.

No day goes by without Kathy pulling out her latest read with her cat Rita (pronounced Ritta) at her side. She loves to cook, and laughs when explaining that she is currently a non-practicing Vegan. Kathy’s personal experience has led her to understand the importance of the life saving services Gilead provides, and makes her feel fortunate to be a part of the Gilead Team.