Take Action

Contact your legislators on behalf of Gilead’s clients.

Feel free to use any or all the language from these testimonies prepared by Gilead’s CEO Dan Osborne.  Click here to view testimony from 3.17.24 and testimony from 2.21.24

Thank you to board members David Porteus and Fran Ludwig for submitting this piece on funding nonprofits! Click here to read it.

Don’t know your legislators, we can help.

Follow these simple steps to find your legislators and email them directly.

Click here to visit the Connecticut General Assembly “Find Your Legislators” page. A new tab will appear. Follow these simple steps. You can transition back and forth to the Gilead page and the Connecticut General Assembly page to follow these instructions.

To find your legislator, follow these simple steps on the Connecticut General Assembly “Find Your Legislators” page:

  1. Select your town.
  2. Select your street name.
  3. Enter the number of your home.
  4. Your local legislators will be listed on the new screen.

To email your legislator directly, follow these simple steps.

  1. Select Title (Contact) next to a legislator’s name.
  2. An email window will pop up addressed to that legislator.
  3. Note in the subject line the bill(s) you will address in your email.
  4. Feel free to copy any portion of CEO Dan Osborne’s letter located here.

Advocacy Letter word

Legislative Bills Impacting Gilead Clients

Every year, the Connecticut General Assembly considers a wide variety of proposed legislation, referred to as “legislative bills”. Some of these bills have the capacity to impact Gilead clients and their families.

These proposed bills may reflect legislators’ special concerns or be introduced at the request of constituents, organizations, executive branch agencies, or other government agencies. Most bills, if passed, become public acts or laws impacting Connecticut citizens and/or businesses.

More information about the General Assembly and how the legislative process in Connecticut works can be accessed by visiting


Legislative Priorities

Gilead Community Services’ first priority is to provide the best mental health care in Middlesex County.

In order to achieve this, we must ensure that our legislators are aware of what our clients face on a day-to-day basis, and what is most important to their lives. The following is a list of Gilead’s current legislative priorities.

  1. Please support full funding for Human Services in Connecticut!
    1. Human services are CORE services that serve more than 500,000 individuals.
    2. The state cannot seek to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable
  2. Please reject any budget that cuts vital Human Services and threatens thousands of jobs!
    1. The budget is a reflection of the priorities we hold as a state; Legislators must prioritize services for children, families and individuals in need!
    2. Encourage Legislators to consider that as they head into election season this fall, they will seek support from your constituents, who undoubtedly receive community based services.