Our stakeholders have the following to say about Gilead

Sober Softball League

“Without the support of the vision – from the staff and supervisors at Farrell right up the line to the leaders of Gilead, the Farrell Warriors Softball league would not have been possible. This has been an amazing experience for the former clients from Farrell as the team has really captured the spirit and heart of what we do here at Gilead!”

 – Mike Menegus, Recovery Support Specialist at Farrell Treatment Center

Gilead Hit a Homerun

“Social club is happening! People are kind and we love to play baseball.”

– S. M., Gilead Client

Community Helping Gilead

“My support for Gilead was based upon the number of clients who have crossed my path over the years, who have benefitted from the services provided to them and ultimately changed their lives from despair into hope!”

– Phil Pessina, Gilead Board Member

Strength of a Mother’s Love

“Gilead has changed my son’s world, and by extension, mine.  Through Board service, I can play a small part in helping to make that gift available to other individuals, and those who love them.”

– Fran Ludwig, Gilead Board MEMBER

Together Building Lives

“I volunteer at Gilead because of the great work they do for the mentally challenged in the community. I believe in their cause and feel privileged to be able to contribute in any way I can. I have had the pleasure of working with and meeting many members of the Gilead staff. They are welcoming and their dedication to the cause is so impressive that it makes you want to do all you can to support them.”

– Kathy Clark, Legacy Society

“I volunteer at Gilead because I know that my time is appreciated by staff as well as clients.  It’s nice to know when you speak to clients and they recognize you from the time you have spent helping out with different events.”

– Stacey Owens, Former Gilead Employee

A Legacy to Help Others

“I see what a great job that Gilead does with people who would otherwise fall through the cracks.”

– Jane McMillan, Legacy Society

Learning New Things

“I learn new things and I like that I can talk to people with what I live with. I come to club to socialize, take walks and bike rides.”

– J C, Gilead Client