Major Donor Event

Find Your Purpose

The mission of Gilead Community Services is supported by the generous philanthropy of friends committed to building lives and improving futures of the people we serve.

Each summer these donors join together for an evening to get to know Gilead better, listen to stories, and share in their passion in supporting Gilead and the good work we do.

To learn more about the event, contact Lucy McMillan at 860-343-5300 x 3423 or click here to email her.


We Couldn’t Bring Our Supporters Together at Gastler Farm  to Say Thank You So We Thought We Would Bring The Thank Yous to All of You At Home with a Video Created With Love by our Staff & Clients!

On Sunday, May 19th, we celebrated the Volunteers, Donors, Dedicated Staff, Ambassadors of the Mission and Dreamers who are vital in helping to fill the gap in the budget necessary for Gilead to continue providing high quality mental health services. With a visual presentation of an empty glass container and colored sands along with photo posters, we illustrated how important all our stakeholders are.  We honored Russ and Leslie Hassmann for their generous donation to Gilead’s new Resource Center and welcomed three new Legacy members: Patti Vassia, Carolyn Kirsch and Mark Ludwig.  It was a beautiful day to enjoy guided garden tours by owner, Tim Gastler and celebrate everyone who helps make Gilead thrive!


On Saturday, May 20, 2018, Gilead celebrated its 50th Anniversary by thanking our major donors and volunteers for their support. Surrounded by the beauty of Gastler Farm’s Kalmia Gardens, we shared a timeline presentation of Gilead’s growth since 1968. We were honored to have joining us two of Gilead’s founders, Matthew Lamstein and Richard “Doc” Wiseman. After hearing them speak, Gilead welcomed our two newest members of the Legacy Society, Laura Patey & Leigh Powers. The rain showers passed right around us, allowing our guests to enjoy garden tours and a delicious dinner. It was the highest attended Major Donor Event we’ve had, and it was a truly beautiful celebration of all Gilead has accomplished! To everyone who came and those who were with us in spirit – thank you!

Fully blossomed florals and sprinkling rain surrounded our dinner patio for  Gilead’s Annual Major Donor Event on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Gastler Farm’s Kalmia Gardens. Guests enjoyed a tour of the venue from owner, Tim Gastler, followed by a candlelit dinner. Gilead honored our newest Legacy Society members – Dan & Kyle Osborne. The two were ceremoniously welcomed by “creating their ripple” with a pebble toss in our legacy fountain. We also welcomed several new members to Gilead’s Leadership Circle and heard from featured guests – staff member Chip Hnatiuk and client, L.N. of the Gateway Community Treatment program about their time spent with Gilead.