Road Race

We laced up our shoes, put on our colorful t-shirt and captured our activities on “selfie mode’ as we moved in support of mental health and addiction services. During the week-long Move for Every 1 event, we received 400 photos and videos showcasing this movement – yoga, hiking, dancing, basketball, and so much more! With your help, Team Gilead was 700 strong and raised over $63,000. This year, we also set our eyes on community and encouraged our Team to spend at their favorite local business. Team Gilead members spent $3035 plus Gilead donated $2500 for a total of $5535! We hope you all had as much fun as we did.

Thank you for being part of Team Gilead 2021!

Share you photos!  Snap a pic of you “Moving” with your 2021 Gilead t-shirt and send to us by:

  1. TEXT to Denise Gable at (860) 823-0448 or Lucy McMillan at (860) 301-6634.
  2. EMAIL to Denise at or Lucy at
  3. Tag us on Facebook.  If you have a Facebook account and want to tag @Gileadcs on your post or photo, we can see them!

Every photo or video shared during the week of April 24-30th, gets you one raffle ticket to win some great prizes!  All of our Team Gilead “Moving” photos and videos will be incorporated into a variety of communication strategies during the event.

Share your videos!  Videos should be emailed to Denise at; in most cases videos that come through text messages are not high enough resolution to use.  If the resolution is still not good enough through email, we will ask you to use the below easy method.  You can do this from your phone/tablet/computer. You do not need an account.

    1. Go to:
    2. Click on the button ‘Send a file?” You do not need to log in to send a video.
    3. Click on the + to Add your files (up to 2 GB)
    4. Choose from your ‘Photo Library’
    5. Select your video and Add
    6. Click Next
    7. Click on ‘Send an email’
    8. Email to:
    9. Enter your email in the “from” section and verify with the code that gets sent to your email.
    10. Click Transfer


We are excited to share the dance that Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet has created for the Move For Every 1 event.

Click here to check out the Dance Video

We would love to have everyone doing this dance for the Gilead TikTok account and other social media. You can film it at home with this year’s t-shirts and send it via WeTransferYou do NOT need a Tik Tok account to participate!

Ekklesia has made an awesome tutorial to help everyone learn it.

Click here for the Instruction Video

Check out all our videos here:  TikTok @Gileadcs.

If you want to join Tik Tok, Click here for instructions!

Previous Year’s Who Will YOu move for stories








To Fundraise for Team Gilead on

  1. Begin by clicking on the Team Gilead’s 2021 link:
  2. Click on the Join button (on the right).  *If you get an error page here, be sure to use the Chrome browser and not Internet Explorer, 
  3. Sign in (with Facebook) or log in info. If you do not have a Facebook or GoFundMe Charity log in, click on Sign Up (upper right corner).  If you had an account with Crowdrise in past years, the same log in information will work.
  4. To personalize your fundraising page, click on your circle photo in the upper right corner.
  5. Click “Campaigns”
  6. Hover over Team Gilead 2021 and click the “Edit” icon
  7. Hover over Fundraiser Page and click on “Edit” icon.
  8. Personalize & Change the Photos
    1. You can add personal photos and delete Gilead photos if you’d like. You can add a “Who Will you walk for?” story here.  If you need help formatting your story, please contact Denise Gable at or via cell at 860-823-0448.
  9. Be sure to set a Goal!
  10. Click on the Save button at the end.
  11. Once you’ve updated your page, go back to “My Campaigns,” hover over Team Gilead 2021 and click the “view” button and share to your supporters!
  12. Share your fundraising page to friends and family by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page. You will see a blue Facebook share button; a light blue twitter share button and an green share button that contains a link that you can copy and email or text potential supporters.

To change your “profile picture” (the small round picture):

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  • Click on Upload photo

Click here for additional tips and sample note. 

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Help Gilead raise money to fund life-changing experiences for individuals living with severe mental health conditions throughout Middlesex County. By sponsoring TEAM GILEAD, you are helping over 1600 individuals who receive life-saving mental health services in Middlesex County and New Britain.

Donations $250 and over will receive your logo or name on the back of the t-shirt!  This deadline is April 9th.

Click here for more information about Sponsorship Opportunites.  

Click here to Sponsor a Client!  In 2020, clients from all 18 programs participated in the movement event by walking, dancing, hiking, playing four squares or volleyball and even enjoying a day of Field Day activities. Your donation of $250 pays for a new pair of sneakers for a client, t-shirt, medals, incentive and raffle items!

Click here to Sponsor a Program!  Through registrations last year, every program was able to receive movement equipment of their choice.  Everything from jump ropes and hula hoops to volleyball nets and ping pong tables were provided to homes to enjoy all year long.  Your donation of $500 pays to pay for sneakers, t-shirts, medals, incentive and raffle items plus movement equipment for a program!

If you are a Gold medal, Silver medal or Bronze medal sponsor, please click here to register.


This year, our eyes are set on the most powerful and effective path towards achieving mental health and wellness – Community.  While are encouraging team members to move during this weeklong event, we are also encouraging them to support their local businesses.  In fact, Gilead will be matching team members local spending up to $2500 that will go right back into our community, where our programs are located, in Middlesex County and New Britain!

The event will be held the week of April 24-30, 2021

A week, what? Yes, you can do your moving anytime that is convenient for you during that week. You can do your choice of exercise once during that week or as many times as you want. You can do multiple types of movement. For example, I will walk every day that week or I will do yoga 3 days or I will swim for a mile.

This year’s event is focused on MOVING so you can decide how you would like to join in the exercise fun. Is it walking, running, yoga, stretching, biking, kayaking, skate boarding or something else?  Don’t forget to send us your photos or selfies!  We plan to create a collage of all participants and every photo enters you into a raffle.


The Run for Every 1 is an initiative Gilead began in 2014 to bring our clients, staff, families, and community members together through a shared dedication to TEAM GILEAD.  In 2020, the annual April Run for Every 1 in Middletown was not to be. So we switched gears to a virtual event and moved alone but stay connected. During the weeklong event, we received over 350 photos and videos showcasing how our team members were moving for mental health – yoga, walking, headstands, swimming and so much more! Team Gilead was 500 strong raised over $52,000.


2021 Run For Every 1 Sponsors

Anonymous (3 programs)

Anonymous (1 program)

David & Sara Hadden

Suzanne Gaskell & Gary Greenbaum, in memory of Harold Greenbaum

Ray & Sandy Bourret


Vox Church

David & Gail Porteus (4 clients)

Monica Belyea & Steve Smith

Cathy Probolus

D’Amato Construction Co.

Nancy & John Meyers

Jane McMillan

Vincent Loffredo & Dora Glinn (2 clients)

Lucy McMillan & Ed McKeon

Maggie McMillan (4 clients)

Katja Kolcio

Teresa Opalacz

Gordon Family

Dan Monahan

Paul & Sowgol Zakarian

Virginia & Jeremy Zwelling (2)

Peggy Carey Best & Jonathan Best

Rebecca Bohy

Matthew Probolus

Maureen Nichols

Diane Brown

Simone Ketchum

Jane & Lou Sinsigalli-Cara

Jean & Mike Monahan

Suzanne & John Gaskell

Kathy & Ted Clark

Bruce Stovall

Cotton Hollow Kitchen

Curtis & Joyce Weybright

Gary Greenbaum

Osborne Family

William & Shawn Peters

Wade’s Dairy

Phil & Shirley Pessina (2)

Steven Goldblatt

Kristen & Seth Jodoin

Michael Hannah