Road Race

Hello Team Gilead 2020,

The annual April Run for Every 1 in Middletown was not to be this year. So we switched gears and moved alone but still stay connected. During the week-long Move for Every 1 event, we received over 350 photos and videos showcasing how you were moving for mental health – yoga, walking, headstands, swimming, and so much more! With your help, Team Gilead was 500 strong and raised over $52,000 through the combined events. We hope you all had as much fun as we did.


June 27: Click here to listen to CONNECTICUT by Nekita Waller 

June 28:  I WISH I KNEW GILEAD by Noah Baerman

June 29:  BIG YELLOW TAXI byMya Corvo

June 30: NOT FADE AWAY by Aidan & Dermot McMillan

July 1: HEAL THE WORLD by Jewel Lucient & Nyemah

July 2: VANILLA written by Aidan Ryan & performed by Greg Ryan

July 3: RANKY TANKY by Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem

July 6: GREEN GRASS GROWS ALL AROUND by Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem

Share you photos!  Snap a pic of you “Moving” with your 2020 Gilead t-shirt and send to us by:

  1. TEXT to Denise Gable at (860) 823-0448 or Lucy McMillan at (860) 301-6634.
  2. EMAIL to Denise at or Lucy at
  3. If you use the Strava app, please join Team Gilead’s club. You can upload your photos, share your workouts and cheer on other team members.  Download the app to your device, or sign up at 
  4. Tag us on Facebook.  If you have a Facebook account and want to tag @Gileadcs on your post or photo, we can see them!

Every photo shared, gets you one raffle ticket to win some great prizes!  All of our Team Gilead “Moving” photos and videos will be incorporated into a variety of communication strategies during the event.


The event will be held the week of June 27th – July 3rd

A week, what? Yes, you can do your moving anytime that is convenient for you during that week. You can do your choice of exercise once during that week or as many times as you want. You can do multiple types of movement. For example, I will walk every day that week or I will do yoga 3 days or I will swim for a mile.

This year’s event is focused on MOVING so you can decide how you would like to join in the exercise fun. Is it walking, running, yoga, stretching, biking, kayaking, skate boarding or something else?  Don’t forget to send us your photos or selfies!  We plan to create a collage of all participants and every photo enters you into a raffle.

To Fundraise for Team Gilead on

  1. Begin by clicking on the Team Gilead’s 2020 link:
  2. Click on the Join button (on the right)
  3. Sign in (with Facebook) or log in info. If you do not have a Facebook or GoFundMe Charity log in, click on Sign Up (upper right corner).  If you had an account with Crowdrise in past years, the same log in information will work.
  4. To personalize your fundraising page, click on your circle photo in the upper right corner.
    • Click “My Campaigns”
    • Hover over Team Gilead 2020 and click the “Edit” icon
    • Hover over Fundraiser Page and click on “Edit” icon.
    • Personalize & Change the Photos
    • You can add personal photos and delete Gilead photos if you’d like. You can add a “Who Will you walk for?” story here.  If you need help formatting your story, please contact Denise Gable at
    • Be sure to set a Goal!
    • Click on the Save button at the end.
  5. Once you’ve updated your page, go back to “My Campaigns,” hover over Team Gilead 2020 and click the “Manage” button. Click “view” and share to your supporters!
  6. Share your fundraising page to friends and family by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page. You will see a blue facebook share button; a light blue twitter share button and a norange share button that contains a link that you can copy and email or text potential supporters.

Sponsorship Opportunities

You can still Sponsor the event or Sponsor A Client and get your name on this year’s t-shirt. But you need to let us know by Fri., June 5th.

Help Gilead raise money to fund life-changing experiences for individuals living with severe mental health conditions throughout Middlesex County. By sponsoring TEAM GILEAD, you are helping over 600 individuals who receive life-saving mental health services in Middlesex County.

Donations $500 and over will receive your logo or name on the back of the t-shirt!

Click here for more information about Sponsorship Opportunites.  

Click here to Sponsor a Client!  In 2019, over 100 clients ran, walked or cheered with TEAM GILEAD.  Your donation of $250 pays for a new pair of sneakers for a client, t-shirt, medals, incentive and raffle items plus movement equipment, such as lawn games, hula hoops or basketballs.



The Run for Every 1 is an initiative Gilead began in 2014 to bring our clients, staff, families, and community members together through a shared dedication to TEAM GILEAD.  On April 7, 2019, our team members participated in the HMF Middletown Legends 3.5 Mile Race to raise awareness about mental illness.

TEAM GILEAD was comprised of over 500 members, including clients, staff, families, and community members. We proudly wore our t-shirts with the message “Who Will You Walk For?”

Our 2020 Run for Every 1 goals are:

  • Educate others about the importance of quality mental health services.
  • Reduce stigma by sharing your story of how mental illness has impacted you or a loved one & showing community support on April 5th.
  • Raise funds for quality mental health services to over 1,600 individuals living in Middlesex County & New Britain.
  • Raise awareness for the 1 in 5 adults experiencing a mental illness.

Who Will YOU Walk For?








2020 Run For Every 1 Sponsors

Maggie McMillan




Betsy & Victor Graziano (6 clients)

Cathy & Jim Probolus

David & Sara Hadden (2 clients)

Keith & Patricia Charles (2 clients)

David & Gail Porteus (2 clients)

Jane McMillan

Christine Leiby

Paul Pascarelli (2 clients)

Ted & Kathy Clark (2 clients)

Shawn & William Peters

Matthew & Jessica Probolus

Curtis Weybright

Suzanne & John Gaskell

Cathy & Bob Boone (3 clients)

Peggy Carey Best & Jonathan Best

Dick & Sandra Handel

Vincent Loffredo & Dora Glinn (2 clients)

Jennifer Holland

Monica Belyea & Steve Smith

Fran Ludwig

Paul & Sowgol Zakarian

Geri McGladrigan & Gerard Bessenaire

Charlie Gable

Larry & Patty McHugh