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It is important for us to be available to the communities we serve and our partners.

For over 50 years Gilead has offered individuals with mental illness broad access to a wide range of high quality and recovery oriented community services. Our exceptional staff is creative in designing programs and treatment plans based on the unique needs of each individual and family. We offer a wide range of community services for residents in all fifteen towns in Middlesex County, New Britain, and beyond.

The following information will connect you with members of the Gilead Administrative Team and the Gilead Board of Directors. Review our website, then contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Administrative Office
222 Main Street Extension
Middletown, CT 06457
Hours: Mon – Fri
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Phone: 860-343-5300
Fax: 860-343-5306

Administrative Team
Dial 860-343-5300, then an extension to contact members of our Administrative Team, except where otherwise indicated.

Chief Executive Officer:
Dan Osborne, ext. 3412

Chief Operating Officer:
Justin Salvio, ext. 3420

Chief Development Officer:
Lucy McMillan, ext. 3423

Director of Human Resources:
Sheryl Schieffer, ext. 3427

Director of Development:
Denise Gable, ext. 3447

Clinical Department Director:
Diane Cenotti, ext. 3401

Director of Finance:
Aaron Tate, ext. 3413

Director of Information Technology:
Joe Mascolo, ext. 3424

Director of Quality Assurance:
Rob Snyder, ext. 3425

Clinical Department Director of Addiction Services:   Stephanie Fasciano, 860-225-4641, ext. 3562

Clinical Department Director:
Shannon Brewer, ext. 3419

Clinical Department Director:
Wendi Blakey, ext. 3415

Board of Directors
Members of the Gilead Board of Directors are available via e-mail: click here. Please add the Director’s name in the subject line to ensure delivery.

For website issues, please contact Denise Gable.