Media Kit

About Gilead

Since 1968, Gilead Community Services has provided housing, support services, and clinical treatment to individuals with mental illness throughout Middlesex County. Gilead’s continuum of services fosters recovery based on the unique and individual needs of each person that comes to us for help.

Our services include general psychiatry and therapy for individuals and families as well as more intensive community-based case management programs and on-site residential programs. For information about Gilead, please call 860-343-5300 or check more detailed info on this website.

We dedicate our energy and our resources to providing high quality services such as housing, clinical support, and skills teaching to help people who experience mental health conditions. We offer opportunities for the people we serve to build trusting relationships, improve their quality of life and perhaps most importantly, regain hope that had been lost. We bring respect, openness and honesty to our encounters with clients, families, coworkers and community members.

Our Mission

Gilead empowers personal growth, independence and recovery through improved mental health, physical well-being and community integration.

Our Vision

To champion opportunities for recovery and growth through supportive and collaborative services that are marked by excellence, compassion, innovation and integrity.

Our Values

Excellence: We do it well!  Our services value each life that we touch.  We believe that investing in our knowledgeable and compassionate staff and collaborating with our community results in high quality treatment that works.

Compassion: We do it with care! Meaningful relationships and community connections are what make the “Gilead Family” so special. We think that you will notice something special about us. For us, it’s more than a job – it’s what we love to do!

Innovation: We make it work for you! Our services are designed to fit the unique needs of individuals. We strive to find more effective solutions through new ideas, creativity and collaborative partnerships.

Integrity: We do it the right way!
We bring respect, openness, and honesty to our relationships with clients, families, coworkers, service providers and partners as well a with the community we service.