Road Race

A big round of applause for Team Gilead 2018!

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“I came away from the road race today feeling exhilarated and inspired. A Juniper Home resident got 2nd place. A Gap client’s dad drove all the way down from Maine to walk with him. A client from Gateway walked the entire 3.5 miles. Chip and Gateway cheered us on. Curtis Weybright from First Church used a generator on his truck to power the microphone. All the First Church volunteers gave generously of their time and delicious baked goods. The spirit of mutual support and togetherness among staff, clients and Gileadophiles filled the First Church Fellowship Hall. Everything went off like clockwork.” said Fran Ludwig, a Gilead Board Member.

Thank you to everyone that got out there on Sunday, April 8th. It was a chilly day but we persevered. We had a team of about 350 people including walkers, runners and cheerers. Together we raised over $34,000 for the individuals we serve and we had a lot of clients meet their personal goals.

Thank you for being part of this amazing sense of community and team spirit! 

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